From KwaZulu Natal to the world's stage, rekindling the spark of Zulu culture and heritage
through traditional drama, song and dance.

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Techinal Specifications

Concert Stage

Please provide:


5 vocal mics and 2 drum mics

Monitors should be positioned either in the wings, pointing inwards or in the front corners, stage right and stage left pointing inwards. The space in front of the mics should be cleared of cables for dancing. The Zulus will adapt to whatever space is available but ideally need at least a 10 ft depth of clear stage in front of the mics. Please ensure there are no trip hazards.


General wash. Please light the dance positions on the front of stage (in front of the mics) as well as the song positions at the microphones. Note to lighting engineers: if you want to get creative with colour and changes, please feel free.


The company is generally very quick to soundcheck. Please set all the mics level and be ready to adjust gain if the performers move while singing.

Note for the MC and sound tech on the opening song

The Zulus often come on to the stage singing acoustically and take up their position at the mics in mid-song. This is very effective. If you want them to adjust their entry please talk to them beforehand and explain your method of bringing them on to the stage. They are always happy to work with you as long as they know.


Community Halls and School Stages

In a small to medium sized hall Zulu Tradition will perform totally unamplified. All they need is a performance space approximately 20 feet wide by 15 - 20 feet deep.


Outdoor Performances

Outdoors Zulu Tradition will dance and sing completely unamplified. They will adpt their material to suit the performance area. Please ensure that grass or stage boards are clear of sharp objects and splinters as the Zulus will sometimes perform barefoot.



Completely unamplified. Please make sure the space is large enough for the particpants to dance.


If in any doubt please contact Jacey Bedford, 01484 606230.

ZULU replaces Mighty Zulu Nation in the JBTM roster