From KwaZulu Natal to the world's stage, rekindling the spark of Zulu culture and heritage
through traditional drama, song and dance.

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Mighty Zulu Nation

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Mighty Zulu Nation

Mighty Zulu Nation

Programme for Festivals and Events

Zulu at BunkfestZULU Tradition offers a programme of outdoor performances, workshops and indoor performances for any festival or event. They are perfect for a dramatic main stage spot with PA and lighting, but they also interact beautifully with audiences of all ages at acoustic performances indoors or out..

They've played at the first United Nations sanctioned Nelson Mandela Day at the British Museum, as well as festivals such as Wickham (Hampshire), Saltburn (Cleveland), Wallingford and Derby, Wallingford Bunkfest, Sunderland Folk Festival, Broadstairs Folk Week, Towersey Festival, The Old Laundry Festival in Cumbria andEastercon in Bradford. In 2014 they graced the stages of Sidmouth International Festival, Derby Pride in the Park, Music on the Marr and the Nottingham Riverside Festival, plus they did an extra-special engagement at Buckingham Palace! In 2015 there are corporate events, school workshop residencies and a gala performance for the British Red Cross at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London

Shrewsbury Beats and Bells Day 2015Shrewsbury Beats & Bells Day, 2015A typical outdoor show from ZULU lasts for 20 - 30 minutes (multiple spots if required) and encompasses: various genres of traditional dance
integrated with song and chant and supported by drums. They make a colourful and vibrant show and interact brilliantly with audiences.

They are happy to share a dance stage with other dance teams as part of a full programme of events or to take centre stage by themselves..

Shrewsbury 2015STAGE SHOW
An optimum stage set should be approximately 40 - 45 minutes. The show includes song and dance.
All of it is in traditional costume.Stirring African harmonies, traditional and traditional-style songs, favourites such as Shosholoza, Mbube (the original version of 'Wimoweh') and the South African national anthem, Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika.

Workshops generally last for a minimum of 30 minutes but can be stretched to accommodate your timetable to 45 minutes or one hour. They are happy to do two separate 30 minute workshops (one song and one dance). All workshios are fully interactive
and encourage full participation.

The members of Zulu are happy to do 'Meet' sessions, mixing and matching material from their introductory session with questions from the audience.


See the education page for details of ZULU Tradition's work in schools. They are brilliant with all age groups from nursery to high school and are happy to do a day (or several days) in your local schools leading up to your festival. They can also do a residency - several days in one school. Obviously this incurrs an additional fee, but it is often possible to get extra funding for educational projects and the festival and school can share the cost.